5 Major Myths about HVAC Services

Nearly every business industry in existence deals with myths about their services. Even the HVAC industry deals with myths. The problem here is that many of the myths associated with HVAC services can lead to costly damage if you believe them.


Let’s take a look at five common myths about HVAC services and whether they are true. This will help you get the best results for your HVAC system, your home or business, and your budget.


Five Major Myths and Facts about HVAC Services


Let’s dive right into five significant myths about HVAC services!


1.   You Need to Change Your Filter Every Year.


One of the biggest myths that HVAC customers hear is that you only need to change your filter once a year. Believe it or not, if you’re using your HVAC daily, you should change your filter once a year. At the least, your first should be changed every three months. If your home is prone to dust buildup or you have animals, you should make sure you stick to a monthly schedule. This doesn’t just keep your air cool and clean, but it also helps your HVAC system work more efficiently. Most clients don’t realize that failing to change your air filter can significantly impact your system because it forces your system to work harder. Change your filter every month to get the most extended lifespan out of your investment.


2.   You Need a Massive HVAC System to Get the Best Results.


When talking about your HVAC system, most people think that the bigger the system is, the better it works. This is far from the truth! The size of your system depends on the size of your home or business. HVAC systems are created to work for specific square footage. If you invest in a massive HVAC system but don’t need it, you’re simply wasting money. In some cases, having a more extensive system can over cool or overheat your home. Before you invest in a massive HVAC system, talk to your local HVAC company to determine the correct size requirements for your home or business needs.


3.   HVAC Systems Don’t Need Any Work Until They Break


This is one of the worst myths in the HVAC industry. Most people think they can save money on routine maintenance because they don’t truly need the services. The truth is that just as you get regular oil changes for your car or routine checkups for your health, maintenance services offer many benefits to HVAC customers. Routine maintenance can ensure your unit is working its best at all times. It can also alert you to minor problems that could require significant repairs if left undone. Schedule a routine maintenance service for your HVAC system if you want to keep it running effectively.


4.   Leaks and Other Issues Are Easy to Identify


Most people think that if there’s an issue with the HVAC system, you’ll be able to identify it quickly. The truth is that there are many signs that your system isn’t working right. In most cases, your HVAC system can have a serious problem without any evident signs that alert you that something is wrong. This is another reason why routine maintenance is essential.


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