8 Ways of Making Money with Recyclables

Do you love the benefits of recycling? Recycling is good for the planet, our ecosystem, and the future of our existence. But, did you know that recycling can also save you money? Even more, it can make you money? Many everyday items can be recycled and turned into cash you can spend, save, or invest. Let’s explore!


Ways of Making Money with Recyclables


Let’s take a look at eight everyday items that can be recycled to make you some extra cash!


1.   Aluminum


Aluminum cans are a great source of income.  While you won’t make a fortune turning in the cans from your home or business, you can make a decent amount of money over time. Some companies and non-profit organizations even hold can drives as fundraisers to make up for lost income.


2.   Car Batteries


Car batteries can be recycled and sold. Automobile shops come up with cash or store credit for recycled car batteries. For example, some automobile shops give clients a $10 shopping coupon towards their next purchase for turning in their old car batteries.


3.   Old Books


Do you have a stock of old books? Are old textbooks, dictionaries, and magazines collecting dust on your bookshelf? You can sell many of these items to local shops or recycling plants to get a little extra cash.


4.   Ink Cartridges


You can also make money by selling or recycling ink cartilages. Many office supply stores offer cashback rewards and store credit rewards for turning in your old ink cartridges to be recycled.


5.   Electronics


Even if you don’t need money and want to throw away your old desktop or TV, it is always recommended that you recycle electronic equipment.  This helps prevent toxic substances, such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, from entering the soil and making their way into our water supplies. Selling your old electronics is an even better way to recycle and save the environment.


6.   Plastic


Turn your daily trash into treasure by recycling a variety of different plastic materials. This isn’t just exclusive to plastic bottles. If you own a business that makes a significant amount of plastic waste, you can turn that in for some extra cash. Before throwing out any plastic items, see if you can recycle them.


7.   Clothing


Many online retailers and second-hand stores will be happy to buy your old clothes, especially if they are name brands. If you can’t get any cashback for your clothes, you should still recycle them. Not only will this help the environment, but it can also help someone in need.


8.   Paper


Many recycling companies are willing to pay for paper and cardboard. If you have an abundance of cardboard that’s still in good condition, you can make money off of it. Depending on the size and type of cardboard, rates can be as high as $10 a box. All you have to do is call your local recycling company to discuss the requirements for different recycled paper.


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