Best Items to Pawn for Quick Cash

Although most pawn shops accept anything valuable, some things are higher in demand than others. Various items offer different values for pawnbrokers. Selling your unused goods is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money.


If you need fast cash, the pawnshop is a great place to go to explore your options. You can get a great deal and pay back the loan within the timeframe of your agreement to get your valuables back. If you’re wondering whether you have anything of value that you can pawn, here are the best items you can exchange for quick cash.


Top Items to Pawn


1.   Your Bling


Jewelry is a popular item in almost every pawn shop. Due to the ongoing demand for jewelry,  you can get great deals when you bring your bling to the pawnshop. Pawnshops accept both male and female jewelry. Watches, earrings, bracelets, and chains are among the most popular items. However, most pawnshops will buy loose stones and gems as well. High-end brands and valuable diamonds bring the most money, but most pawn shops will accept various jewelry.


2.   Power Tools


Power tools are incredibly valuable, making them a great asset to any pawnshop. Most people spend a lot of money on power tools only to use them once or twice. If you bought an expensive power tool for one project and is now sitting around in your garage, you should consider pawning it. Old power saws or drills are in high demand and can get you a great offer at your local pawnshop. Before you try to make a deal, make sure the devices are in excellent working condition to get the most money for your belongings.


3.   Firearms


From guns to rifles, weapons are another hot item at local pawnshops. While some states forbid pawnshops from purchasing and selling firearms, others actively look for firearms from customers. Some pawnshops are even registered as federal weapons dealers. This guarantees that all guns bought and sold inside the store are authorized, registered, and legal to both sell and own.


4.   Electronics


From an old XBOX to home theatre systems, pawnshops will pay truckloads of money for new and used electronics. You can even get some extra cash for charging cables, headphones, controllers, and other accessories. If you recently upgraded your electronics, consider selling your old ones to the local pawnshop for some quick cash.


5.   Musical Instruments


Pawnshops offer various loans for different instruments. Instruments like guitars, drum sets, keyboards, and violins are often pawned for money. If you aren’t using your instruments anymore, why not get some extra cash and let them find a new home?


6.   Sports Goods


Did you spend hundreds of dollars on golf clubs only to realize you don’t even enjoy the sport? From golf clubs and baseball bats to practice equipment, pawnshops accept a variety of sports goods.

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