Common Types of Rodents Invading Homes

Rodents are mammals that no one wants to see running around their property. Distinguished by a single pair of continuously developing teeth in each upper and lower jaws, they give a creepy appearance that leaves many homeowners running for the hills when they come face to face with rodents.


Rodents are found all over the world. They usually live in forests, but due to deforestation, their natural habitat is diminishing. That moves these species into urban areas where they sometimes get into your property. Raccoons, mice, rats, and squirrels are some animals commonly seen in urban areas.


When they invade your home, they don’t just scare you, but they can also do severe damage.  They have very sharp teeth that can easily cut through plastic and wood. The majority of homeowners report rodent sightings in their pantry and basement or attic. Let’s take a closer look at the type of rodents we see in residential homes.


Common Types of Rodents Residential Clients See


Here are the most common types of rodents that invade residential properties:


1.   Rats and Mice


Rats and mice are a significant threat to the health of the people living in your home. They can also cause damage to the property. They can cut wire insulation, increasing the risk of an electrical fire. Rodents also spread salmonella and other bacteria. For some homeowners and residents, they can trigger asthma attacks and allergies. They also carry many harmful parasites like lice, ticks, and fleas.


Unfortunately, mice and rats can pass through tiny holes, making it easy for them to get inside. Once inside, they can breed quickly and cause infestation. Here are some common types of invasive rodents we see in residential homes:


House Mice


House mice are found worldwide. They usually live in dark and secluded places inside houses. They can climb high, invading hard-to-reach spaces. House mice can chew through materials like plastic drywall and insulation. They can also get into your closets and destroy your clothes. They are known to spread diseases like salmonella. They can also contaminate food storage.

To prevent the invasion of house mice, you should keep your area clean and organized. Store cartons off the floor. Keep food in rodent-proof containers, as well.


Roof Rats


While roof rats initially came from South Asian areas, they have spread all over the world. They usually live in nests in the upper regions of houses and buildings. Unfortunately, roof rats are notorious for spreading diseases like typhus, jaundice, and trichinosis. To prevent roof rats, you should remove any fruit that’s fallen from trees in your yard. You should also keep garbage stored tightly in outdoor cans.


Deer Mice


Deer mice are found all over the world, especially in the USA. Deer mice like to live in rural areas. They are usually not harmful to residential neighborhoods, but in winter months, they roam inside looking for food and warmth. Deer mice are the most general carrier of the hantavirus. They can spread viruses that can cause organ, blood, and respiratory diseases. These viruses are spread by inhaling dust particles coated with the deer mice’s urine, feces, or saliva.


Store all kinds of food in secure containers. Make sure that pet food is also not lying around. You should also avoid putting these things in barns and garages that can attract deer mice.


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