Do Party Tents Keep You Warm?

Planning a party can require a lot of small details to be smoothed out, such as invitations, food, entertainment, the guest list, and more. With all these details, it’s easy to forget what the weather will be like the day of your event. This is something that can change the whole setting and mood of your event if not handled on time! If you’ve started thinking about dropped temperatures during your birthday party, graduation celebration, or other outdoor event, you may be looking for a solution. The party can slow down a bit when guests are too bust reaching for their coats to enjoy the event you’ve planned out! Party tents are perfect to provide coverage for wind and harsh sun, but can they keep you warm? Read on for the answer and decide for yourself if a party tent is the solution for your next get-together!


          Party Tents and Cold Weather

Party tents are usually made of canvas so they can keep you warm to a certain extent. If you want your guests to stay extra toasty during your event, however, it’d be best to add solid or window sidewalls to the tents. You can also rent a tent heater, so you can be sure your guests stay warm at night when the temperatures can drop dramatically! Long story short, a party tent does provide necessary coverage and can keep severe cold from seeping in, but you may want to seek additional heating reinforcements beforehand.


          Heating Dont’s

In the search of a solution for your tent’s warmth, make sure not to rent propane heaters or bar heaters. These types of heaters aren’t made to be used indoors, and the tents will get that weird gassy heater smell. No guest will want to smell that! Not to mention, using the wrong heaters will no doubt be a safety hazard for you and guests.


          Before You Heat Your Tent

If you’re going to add sidewalls, make sure there is enough light to keep the tent (or tents) lit up nicely for your guests to see and additional ambiance. Also, electricity and extension cords are essential if you’re going to add some extra lighting or connect a heater to your tent. If you’ve made the choice to heat your tent before all the tables, chairs, and decor have been set up, then organization is key. Be strategic on organizing heaters to make sure the heat is distributed evenly to guests!


The day of an event is filled with a lot of overwhelming details as you get everything ready and organized. The weather is something that can alter an event, so a party tent and additional heating reinforcements like sidewalls and tent heaters may be just what your outdoor event needs. If you’re looking for a tent rental in Pasadena to protect your party from rain or other weather conditions, Town & Country Event Rentals is the place for you. We’ll provide the tent, so you can keep the party going rain or shine!


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