Tips for Workplace Eye Safety

Your eyes are one of the most used parts of your body, but many of us take our vision for granted. Protecting your eyes can help you see the world’s beauty for years to come, but it is also vital for everyday living. Sudden vision loss can significantly impact your daily life, affecting school, work, and even your social life.


Workplace eye safety is paramount because many individuals are exposed to potential eye hazards at work. While it depends on your work environment, you should have safety measures in place to protect your vision at work. This is particularly important for individuals working with chemical, radiation, mechanical, and other environmental exposures.


Let’s explore some great tips for workplace eye safety.


Vital Tips for Workplace Eye Safety


You should protect your vision at all costs, especially in the workplace. Many employers require employees who work in warehouses to wear safety glasses, but protecting your vision is just as important if you sit in front of a computer screen all day. Here are some tips to protect your eyes:


  • Visit the opthalmologist (eye doctor) for an annual eye check-up. This will identify any eye conditions and provide you with the appropriate protective gear for your line of work.
  • Do your best to keep a distance of 20-26 inches from your computer screen or any other work hazards that can affect your vision.
  • Use anti-reflective glasses with ANSI Z87. This eyewear effectively protects you from the blue rays, which are harmful to your eyes.
  • Use a document holder on your work table, so you keep your focus working on the computer. This helps prevent your eyes from frequent movements and disturbances that can impair your vision.
  • If you work on a computer continuously without taking a break, you can develop computer vision syndrome. Take frequent breaks, even if it is just to look in the distance for 15-20 seconds.
  • An adjustable keyboard can also help to reduce pressure on your eyes as you tilt or rotate them.
  • It is estimated that 90% of eye injuries or problems are easily preventable in the workplace by using adequate eye protection. Make sure you wear your safety glasses.
  • If you experience vision problems, talk to your management team to help find resources to help preserve the health of your eyes.
  • Take all scheduled breaks to allow your eyes to rest from the constant strain of focusing.
  • If you have chronic vision problems, wear your prescription glasses as directed by your eye doctor. Talk about adding blue light protection.
  • Even if you don’t have vision problems, wear eye protection to prevent liquid, metal particles, and other hazardous materials from contact with your eyes.
  • If you are working in radiology, make sure you have proper eye protection from x-ray radiation. Lead glasses can reduce the danger of x-ray radiation exposure to 2-3%.
  • Get a decent night’s rest with eight hours of sleep daily.


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