Tips to Clean Your Wooden Fence

Many people prefer wood fences over other materials because wooden fences have a classic design that is hard to beat. While wood is a popular choice for fencing material, the maintenance and upkeep of wood fences can be problematic.


Particularly in dry environments, wood fences can wear down from exposure to UV rays and dry heat. This gives wooden fences an aged, run-down appearance that can take away from your curb appeal. Fortunately, you can quickly restore the look of your wooden fence with some extra care. Let’s explore some excellent tips to clean your wooden fence.


6 Tips to Clean Your Wooden Fence


Here are some excellent tips for cleaning your wooden fence:


1.   Wash It Down


A simple deep cleaning can do wonders for your wooden fence, especially if you have a buildup of mold, algae, and other bacteria. Talk to your local fencing company for recommendations on effective fence cleaning solutions. While you can use an electric power washer, be careful not to use anything too harsh. You don’t want to ruin your fence.


First, wash your fence down with warm water to loosen any bacteria growth. Next, use a fence cleaner or bleach solution and a foam sponge to scrub off any excess buildup. Be careful around sensitive areas, but put a little elbow grease into severe buildup. Finally, rinse everything thoroughly.


2.   Cover Grass and Plants Surrounding Your Fence


While most cleaners are fine to use on your wooden fence, they can be harmful to your plants, flowers, and grass. Protect your surrounding landscaping with a tarp or plastic sheet covering.

The high pressure of your hose can also damage small flowers as you try to loosen dirt and grime from your fence.


3.   Create a Safe Distance with Water Pressure


If you have high-water pressure coming from your hose or are using a power washer, remain a safe distance from your fence while cleaning. Getting too close can cause severe damage that requires fencing repairs. This is particularly true if your fence is aging.


4.   Use a Mix of Cold and Warm Water to Clean Your Fence


Cold and warm water both have excellent cleaning properties when used for your wooden fence. Stay away from hot water as it can create texture in your fence that makes it challenging to repaint or stain. Use warm water to loosen built-up dirt and debris and finish your project using a cold water setting.


5.   Follow Safety Precautions


You should follow all the safety precautions when cleaning your wooden fence. Here are some things to keep in mind:


  • Wear safety glass to protect your eyes from flying debris as you loosen dirt and buildup.
  • Never guide the water stream toward people, animals, or power lines.
  • Dress accordingly.
  • Read the safety guidelines on all cleaning products, especially when using bleach. Be sure to use the appropriate recommendations when mixing bleach.


Cleaning and staining your fence regularly can help maintain the appearance of your yard and extend the life of your fence.


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