What Is a Video Pipe Inspection and How Does It Help?

Video pipe inspections offer an incredible resource for plumbers and significant value to customers. This method of inspecting pipes uses a special, high-definition, waterproof camera fixed at the top of a rod to get a closer look inside your plumbing pipes. During the inspection process, the camera is fed through the problematic pipe. At the same time, real-time footage is transmitted to your plumber.


Video pipe inspections help get to the root cause of your plumbing problems. They make it easy for your plumber to identify your plumbing issue quickly and offer an effective solution. Video inspections can also be recorded and stored at the request of the home or business owner for future review. Let’s take a closer look at the process.


How Do Video Pipe Inspections Work?


Technicians send a tiny camera that’s hooked onto a plumbing snake through your pipes. Although the camera is small, it gives a high-definition, up-close look at what’s going on inside your pipes. The camera images it easier for your plumber to look around the line for the problem.


Your plumber will pay close attention to the live video as the camera travels through the length of the pipe. If there is a problem with your pipes, your plumber will get a closer look at what’s going on. This allows them to address your problem effectively using the most affordable option. Video inspections can address many issues, including buildups, clogs, breakages, corrosion, holes, or any other weak points in your plumbing system.


When Do You Need a Video Pipe Inspection?


Video pipe inspections are recommended when your home’s plumbing problem seems complex. This helps identify the exact source of a plumbing problem that exists behind your walls, under the flooring, or anywhere underground. If you suspect leaks, cracks, or any other damages in your sewer lines or pipes that aren’t easy to detect from outside, a video inspection can save a plumber from tearing up your property.


Video pipe inspections are an easy solution to detect hidden or hard-to-find problems. They are much easier than breaking through the walls, opening the pipes, or damaging other parts of your property to check for a problem.


How Do Video Inspections Help?


A video pipe inspection offers various benefits over traditional diagnostic methods, especially for complex plumbing problems. One of the most significant benefits is that they can save you a lot of money by accurately pinpointing the root cause of a problem without substantial damage to your property.


Video inspections also help your plumber know precisely what services are needed to fix an issue, saving time and money for their services. This prevents costly and repeated service calls. It also helps to identify even the smallest of problems in your pipes before they turn into bigger ones and cause a lot of damage to your house.


Rather than only diagnosing, video inspections also help you with many other plumbing-related tasks. For example, suppose you plan to plant a tree, but you don’t know where the pipe is located or where the connections are stored. In that case, you can use a video pipe inspection to avoid damage to your landscape.

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