Signs It’s Time to Get a New Toilet

It seems like a toilet will be around forever in your household. However, just like with any other fixture, a toilet may need to be replaced at one point. In the case of damages and a toilet that’s not working anymore, this can be the best choice. Letting a damaged toilet remain in your bathroom can put your household at risk for dealing with further damages and consequences later on. The good thing is, many toilets will give off signs when it’s time for them to be replaced. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to finally replace that one toilet in your home, here are a few signs that point to yes:


Having To Flush More Than Once

With one flush, everything should go down smoothly when it comes to your toilet. If you find yourself having to flush one, two, three, or more times to make sure nothing is left floating around, this may be a sign it’s time your toilet is replaced with a newer model.

Constant Plunging

Regularly having to go in on your toilet with a plunging session is not a good sign. Toilets that are in great working condition won’t clog daily, and if you find your toilet is constantly needing to be worked on with a plunger, this is an indication that it is not working properly and should be replaced.

Crack in the Tank

Are there water puddles developing near the base of the toilet? This may point toward a crack in the tank of your toilet. If the crack is below the water line, you may need a tank replacement. At that point however, many people just choose to replace the entire toilet. If you’re unsure of where to look for a crack, hiring a local professional plumber can help with diagnosing the exact spot.

Constant Repairs

If fixing your toilet is a part of your weekend plans every weekend, it’s safe to say replacing your toilet will be the best option. A toilet can have many parts and be dealing with a variety of damages. Some solutions may only be temporary. Installing a new toilet may end up being the perfect solution.

Toilet Won’t Flush

There’s the toilet that needs to be flushed constantly, or the toilet that performs one long flush. When you’re dealing with a toilet that just won’t flush, however, it’s time to get a new toilet. Plumbing problems aside, a toilet that will not flush no matter how many times you move the handle, is pretty much a lost cause.


If your toilet is not that old and suffering from an issue that may still be able to be repaired to ensure your toilet works longer, get a plumber in Pasadena or a plumber in Los Angeles on the case! Even after replacing a toilet for a newer model, you will always need the expertise of a professional plumbing company for maintenance and other small repairs. Call the team at Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning!

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